Jean Louise Fanning - 87

7/3/1930 - 8/5/2017

Of Earlville, IL


  • Nancy & George Abens

    on 08/05/17

    JEAN WAS A VERY LOVING WOMAN. WE HAD A LOT OF GOOD LAUGHS AND CONVERSATIONS. So sad to hear she passed.  Now she and Bob can be united.




  • Nancy Johnson

    on 08/06/17

    I enjoyed knowing Jean a very sweet person
  • Carol Yaros

    on 08/10/17

    I met Jean in Sandwich Rehab, March 7, 2016. She was a lovely woman. She enjoyed visits from her daughter, every week, and had friends in the facility. Sometimes I would be able to take her to bingo, and she would have fun! I Loved helping her and spending time with her. She would come to my office and get me, when she would get upset. I was always able to calm her down. I love you Jean, and will Never forget you! May God Bless your soul!

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